My Mobile Day

A blog post about my daily phone routine.


  • I wake up at 6am and get ready for my morning walk. The first app I open on my phone daily is the Weather App.
  • I check my email on my Gmail app and I read my daily News in French newsletter.
  • My commute to campus takes 1 hour and 25 minutes and I spend the entire time on my phone.
  • First, I open Youtube Music and press play on Rina Sawayama’s new album Hold The Girl. (Yes, I am a YouTube premium subscriber. We exist. There are dozens of us!) I listen to music until it’s time for class.
  • Next, I go on Instagram and of the first 6 posts I scroll by, 2 of them are ads. I remember there’s an option to view only people you follow in chronological order but I’m still not used to the extra step of clicking on the option.
  • I watch my Instagram stories and discover that there are suggested reels between stories now. An annoying but unsurprising development.
  • Next, I open Twitter and I’m surprised to see over 50 notifications. My tweet about Seo In Guk in Project Wolf Hunting is getting a lot of likes and retweets.
  • After looking at my notifications, I notice the typo in my tweet. I shortened my tweet to make sure I could fit in the class hashtag and I typed it wrong. I now understand why people want an edit button.
  • Next, I see one of my favourite actresses, Park Min Young, is trending. I wonder why so I click on the hashtag. The first tweet I see is photos of her at a press conference for her upcoming drama, Love in Contract.
  • I’m a big fan of her co-star Kim Jae Young so I click on his hashtag to see more photos of him and discover he has an Instagram account. I immediately go on Instagram to follow him.
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  • I scroll through my timeline and see multiple tweets about Karen O. I’m really excited to see that Karen O has done an interview with Alex Jung. I click and read his Vulture interview with Karen O. I spend the rest of my commute slowly reading the article while listening to music.
  • Once I get to class, I close YouTube Music and put my phone away.


  • As soon as class is over, I check my text Messages and WhatsApp messages.
  • I reply to my WhatsApp messages from my sister and friends.
  • My mom’s text asks me what I want to eat from Great Fountain in Scarborough.
  • I immediately open Instagram and spend the next 15 minutes looking through Great Fountain’s posts to decide what I want. I eventually decide on the Hainan chicken on rice.
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  • I spend the evening on YouTube watching clothing haul reviews. I want to buy some bodysuits for fall and I watch reviews on bodysuits from Abercrombie, Express, and Aritzia.
  • I also watch videos about fall clothing trends on YouTube.
  • At 10pm, I scroll through my Twitter timeline one last time before bed and that’s the end of my mobile day.



    My YouTube Music micro-moments
    I want to listen…to Rina Sawayama’s latest album.
    I want to discover…new music similar to my favourite artists.

    My Twitter micro-moments:
    – I want to know…the latest news in the entertainment world.
    – I want to read…long in-depth articles to read.
    My Instagram micro-moments
    I want to know…what my favourite celebrities are doing.
    I want to know…what my friends are doing.
    I want to discover…something new and delicious at Great Fountain.

    My YouTube micro-moments:
    I want to know…what the clothing and colour trends are for fall.
    I want to buy…new bodysuits that flatter my body.

    My WhatsApp micro-moments:
    I want to talk…with my friends.


Twitter is the app I experienced the most mobile friction. Several times while scrolling through my timeline, I would click to read articles only to be hit with a login page, paywall, or an unresponsive page that wouldn’t allow me to scroll and read the article. If I was really interested in the article, I would take the extra step to open Safari to login and read but many times I would just close Twitter’s in-app browser and scroll on. Twitter’s inefficient in-app browser created a pain point in my customer journey to reading articles.


The insights I extracted from this mobile day blog are that I use Twitter and YouTube as a search engine. Instead of googling body suit reviews or reading reviews on the official websites of Abercrombie and Express, I went on YouTube to watch influencer reviews first. When I want to know about an actor or tv show, I look at their hashtag on Twitter instead of googling them. This behaviour is something I did not notice about myself until this assignment.

Also, although I used my phone to communicate with family and friends through texts and WhatsApp, primarily I used it for entertainment during my commute.

What does your mobile day look like?

Comment below and let me know!

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